The 6 Stages of Revision


Because i’m currently lodged firmly in stage 4, I figured i’d capture the essence of revision in the only way the internet knows how.

Stage 1. Fear – this stage usually strikes the day that your last lecture ends and you can no longer avoid the fact that you are now, indeed on ‘study leave’.


Stage 2: Positivity Because no mountain of lecture notes is insurmountable, you’ve passed exams like this before and you’ll do it again. Of course you can get through 2 weeks worth of lectures and practical material in a day! (Note: this stage is often transient)

Stage 3: Boredom –  Because sitting at a computer reading about public health and cows feet all day gets pretty damned tedious.


Stage 4: Procrastination –  Because i’ll get back to revision just as soon as I’ve rearranged my socks into alphabetical order by which animal they feature.


Stage 5: Lunacy – So you haven’t left your house for a while, and you’re missing human contact, and you start to get a little… odd.


Stage 6: Despair – Because what’s the point? You’ve left it too late, you’ll never get it all done now. Best start revising for the resits.


Repeat Stage 1 (usually night before exam)


Good Luck on Friday!


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