Hello Paradise!


Adventures in the British Virgin Islands Part I


In 2015 my time at the Royal Veterinary College reached its end, and, like all recent graduates I took the plunge into a terrifying new world of responsibility and my first full time job as a veterinary surgeon! Unlike most other new grad vets however, I jumped in with both feet, and took that job in the British Virgin Islands; a collection of stunning islands in the Caribbean!

I’m very flattered to have had so many requests from people wanting to keep up-to-date with our adventures, so I’ve put together a short video of the highlights of the first few months! Here is the first instalment of our adventures, watch with sound if you can!

Life on a rock in the Caribbean isn’t all champagne and beach sunsets (although there is a lot of that too!). Sometimes it can get frustrating having to explain where you live via directions featuring the nearest skip because there are no actual addresses, or having to collect and pay your bills in person with each company every month. But then you just have to take a deep breath and remember that living here also means you get to surf with sea turtles every sunday, do yoga at sunset on the beach after work, and spend weekends taking boat trips with friends to explore new islands.

Adjusting to working here has been a challenge. I’d be lying if I said I there hadn’t been more than one occasion where I’d been left staring vacantly at the thermometer trying to decide what on earth ‘normal’ body temperature looks like in Fahrenheit!  The range of patients we see is huge too; every day we see everything from much-loved family members travelling first class to new climes, to stray and abandoned cats and dogs brought in by concerned citizens, and all the weird and wonderful parrots and exotic animals in between! Luckily my colleagues have all been amazingly supportive, and the genuine enthusiasm I’ve received from clients that are so pleased to have a full time vet on island is more than enough to push me through the tough times.

We’re super excited that the next few months will be full of visitors, so stay tuned for the next instalment which will be no doubt full of many sunburnt bodies and lobster dinners!

In the mean time, check out my Instagram account ‘MissPlaice’ for more regular snippets!





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