Text Santa for Guide Dogs for the Blind


So since my last post went viral (over 270000 hits and counting! Thank you everyone!!) I’ve been a bit unsure what to post to be honest! Do I try and do funny? Do I just stick to my original intentions and post about what I’ve been up to? Quite a dilemma you’ll agree… So I decided to post about something near to my heart, and as it’s TextSanta day today, I’m hoping I can use my new international audience to raise some much needed money for a good cause – Guide Dogs for the Blind.

In early 2013, my father, at just 56, was registered as visually impaired and now that he’s unable to work or drive, he decided in the summer of 2014 to spend his time fostering a guide dog puppy.

Meet Crusoe: IMG_4483-0.JPG

He’s cheeky, he’s playful, he’s VERY smart, he’s a world class sock thief, and one day he’s going to change someone’s life. He’ll give a visually impaired person the opportunity and confidence to leave the house and get on with their life, and more than that, he’ll give them a friend.


For those of you unfamiliar with the scheme, guide dog fosterers take on a puppy at just 8-10weeks old, and look after it for the first year of its life, socialising it, getting it used to trains and buses and people and animals and anything It might later encounter when out working. They help guide it through its basic training and mould it into a happy sociable puppy, ready to go on and complete its training and become a lifeline for a visually impaired person.


It costs money to train and raise these dogs, so I urge you to send a text message (SMS for my international friends!) with the words ‘Santa5’ or ‘Santa10’ to 70760 to donate £5 or £10 today, and visit http://www.guidedogs.org.uk for more information and details of other ways you can help